We aim to complete and ship all orders within ten days. 


All of our orders are shipped tracked via the Royal Mail.Once your order has been shipped, we will update your order (and you will receive a notification) with a tracking number. 

Please note that we are not liable for any import duties or taxes that you may incur if ordering from outside the UK. 


If you are unhappy with your order(s) please contact us as soon as possible. We will then work together to reach a satisfactory conclusion, as swiftly as possible. 


All of our items are printed in high quality tough grey resin and are fully removed from supports (unless explicitly mentioned in the product listing), cleaned and cured before posting. As such there is no need to wash any of the items you receive; they are ready to prime and paint.

Superglue is required when using resin parts and some thin items may have warped slightly if exposed to temperature variations in travel; you can use a hairdryer for a few seconds to help bend the items back into place.

If supports are still attached to the item(s) you receive, please soak the item(s) in warm water for a few minutes; the supports will then easily peel away (not snap) from the item(s).


Our items are printed on a variety of 8K and 12K printers and we print using a layer height of 0.05mm (a human hair is approximately 0.07mm). As such layer lines are incredibly small (less noticeable then the 'World of the Forge' prints) and most will be covered when painting. Some parts may have minor support marks, however our print process is designed so these are confined to less visible areas of the model.

Items ordered from 3DGamesShop will typically have less cleanup required than your average plastic model.


We use a variety of printers, including Elegoo's Saturn 2 (8K) and Saturn 3 Ultra (12K) printers.